Nas to Accept the W.E.B DuBois Medal From Harvard University


The extraordinary hip hop career of Hip Hop artist Nas is set to take a new turn in the rappers life.

According to, Nas will be honored at Harvard University today (Sept. 30) when he receives the W.E.B Dubois Medal. The Life Is Good rapper will be recognized for his contribution to African-American arts, culture, human rights and intercultural understanding, the Associated Press reports.

Other honorees include Muhammad Ali, Marian Wright Edelman, who is the founder and president of the Children’s Defense Fund, Charlayne Hunter-Gault who is the first black woman to enroll in the University of Georgia, president of Ariel Investments and chairman of the board of Ariel Investment Trust Melody Hobson and artist Carrie Mae Weems.

The recipients will attend the ceremony and panel session at Harvard University. Ali will appear via Skype due to suffering complications from Parkinson’s disease.


Love and Hip Hop Hollywood’s Nikki Mudarris Sex Tape Leaks (NSFW)




Well apparently the folks at VH1 keeps it poppin’ with their reality stars in the Love and Hip Hop franchise. Diary of a Hollywood Street King released footage of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood’s Nikki Mudarris and Mally Mall in a now not-so-private home movie online yesterday.


Earlier this week a celebrity sex tape starring Love and Hip Hop Hollywood’s Nikki Mudarris and Mally Mall leaked online [click here if you missed that].

Nikki is threatening to sue the pants off every website who hosted it…

According to TMZ Nikki’s attorneys sent out cease and desist letters yesterday giving websites until 5 pm Friday to take the video down. 

Nikki’s reps also denied reports that she was in talks with Vivid Entertainment to distribute the tape. 




nikki-mudarris-sex-tape-nude-censoredScreenshots courtesy of Diary of a Hollywood Street King




Nicki Minaj Comedy TV Series is Coming to ABC


According to Deadline Nicki Minaj is set to executive produce and appear in a scripted comedy series for ABC Family based on the rap star’s life growing up in Queens, New York. The project, from Aaron Kaplan’s Kapital Entertainment, will film a pilot episode in Minaj’s hometown this winter, with the intention to continue to series.

Born in Saint James, Trinidad and Tobago, Minaj moved to the U.S. as a child. Written by Kate Angelo (Sex Tape), the untitled series will Kate focus on Minaj’s growing up in Queens in the 1990s with her vibrant immigrant family and the personal and musical evolution that lead to her eventual rise to stardom.

“This is one of the more unique adventures I’ve ever embarked on,” said Minaj. “I couldn’t be more proud and excited to team up with an amazing group of people to give the world something really special.”

David Banner Asks Are White Rappers Becoming More Lyrical, while Artists of Color Spit Garbage?



David Banner goes in on this recent video he posted on social media about the state of Hip Hop. He also feels that white artists in the genre are growing in the industry while black artists are stuck. Is it possible that white rappers are becoming more lyrical, while artists of color are spitting garbage?


Rapper Azealia Banks Compares The LGBT Community To ‘Gay White KKK’s


Hip Hop artist Azealia Banks compared the LGBT community to “gay white KKK’s” in a recent tweet days after using an anti-gay slur against a flight attendant following an incident with another passenger according to the Huffingtonpost

“LGBT community (GGGG) are like the gay white KKK’s,” the rapper wrote in a since-deleted tweet screen grabbed by Billboard. “Get some pink hoods and unicorns and rally down rodeo drive.”

Banks made headlines after getting into an altercation with a fellow Delta Airlines passenger while attempting to exit the plane on a flight to LAX. Video shows the attendant intervening and Banks calling him a “fucking faggot.”

Banks took to Twitter to defend herself after the backlash.

Banks, who identifies as bisexual and has a history of creating controversy by using the word “faggot,” took issue with the focus on her words and not on what happened to her on the plane.

Facebook Myths Busted: Facebook Doesn’t Own What You Post (and Other Facebook Lies Revealed)

There are always rumors spreading on Facebook about the social network changing its rules. But don’t believe everything your friends post. Here are a few myths you’ve probably heard over the years, plus the (gasp!) truth.

Myth: Facebook owns whatever you post.

The following status and variations have been popping up on Facebook for years, but lately the status is regaining popularity among those who don’t understand Facebook’s Terms of Service:



Truth: Facebook doesn’t own anything that you post.

Posting the above status doesn’t change Facebook’s Terms of Service, which you agreed to when you signed up for the site. Facebook’s Terms do not say that the company owns what you post, and even if it did, posting that status wouldn’t change that.

What the Terms actually say is that by posting something to Facebook (depending on your privacy settings), you agree to let the site use your content. You still own the content, though.

Myth: People can tell when you’ve looked at their profile.



Truth: Nobody can see when you view their page.

End of story. “Facebook doesn’t let people track who views their profile,” the site says in its help section. “Third-party apps also can’t provide this functionality.”

Myth: Facebook is going to start charging users.

Every so often, people express concern about Facebook asking for money. While there are a few features you can pay for — like sending a private message to someone you’re not friends with — people worry that the site will start charging for a regular profile or for more privacy.

A Facebook logo displayed on an Apple iPhone 4 on top of a pile of Euro bank notes


Truth: Facebook has pledged never to charge.

“We will always keep Facebook a free service for everyone,” is Facebook’s official statement.

When in doubt, check Facebook’s Terms of Service.



Bobby Brown’s Family Formally Accuses Nick Gordon in Bobbi Kristina’s Death


The family of singer Bobby Brown made a statement to the media this week formally accusing Nick Gordon of harming Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina…

The letter from Bobby’s lawyer reads,

  “In regards to the civil litigation, we believe we know who harmed Bobbi Kristina Brown and his name is Nick Gordon.”

    “Mr. Gordon made headlines when he filed his Motion to Dismiss the lawsuit pending in Superior Court that seeks to hold him responsible for 40 million dollars in damages.”

    “However, the Motion was frivolous and instead of having it heard by the Court, he has chosen to withdraw the Motion, ending that matter so that he could avoid having to give his deposition which was scheduled for the day he withdrew the Motion. Mr. Gordon will now have to give his deposition under oath.”

    “I am not shocked at the withdrawal, as we must keep in mind that Gordon filed a lawsuit to remove Bobby Brown as Bobbi Kristina’s guardian, only to withdraw that lawsuit in DeKalb County Probate Court once he was served with a deposition notice. He could have pressed forward with that lawsuit and told us under oath what he believed happened to Bobbi Kristina, but he chose to go in another direction.”

Public Shame: More Universities Strip Bill Cosby of Honorary Degrees


Last week Fordham University and Marquette University both stripped embattled comedian Bill Cosby of honorary PhDs.

And now Brown University also pulled their honorary degree from the beleaguered star.

As seen in the email posted below, the staff and student body Brown President Christina Paxson explained their decision,

“It has become clear, by his own admission in legal depositions that became public this summer, that Mr. Cosby has engaged in conduct with women that is contrary to the values of Brown and the qualities for which he was honored by the University in 1985.”