Teens Stab 64-Year-Old Man In Park, Spray Him With Mace, Post Video On Facebook

2 Maryland teenagers were among a group of thugs who robbed a 64-year-old man at gunpoint.The unidentified man was sitting on a park bench reading a book when the gang approached and attacked him. The youths stabbed the man, maced him, and filmed posted a video of the assault on Facebook.Police arrested Zannay Laws and Dakei Perry, both 18, and charged them with attempted murder and robbery.Police are looking for two other suspects.The Baltimore Sun reports that Laws filmed the attack on her cell phone while Perry and the others attacked the man. Afterwards, Laws posted the video on her Facebook page.The Baltimore Sun — One of the suspects placed a gun to his head, demanding money and property. Another stabbed him in his lower back, then a third sprayed him with Mace. Police say in charging documents that Laws was streaming video of the attack to Facebook.The victim was stabbed again, in the right arm, before the suspects fled with his iPhone, his North Face backpack and $60 in cash.Police spokesman T.J. Smith said a citizen tip helped lead police to the suspects, and suggested the Facebook posts were helpful to investigators.Laws was ordered held without bond Friday, while Perry was initially ordered held on $50,000 bond and a District Court judge ordered him held without bond at a bail review. Neither appears to have a prior criminal record. Attorneys were not yet listed in court records.

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Minister Farrakhan to Obama: ‘You Didn’t Do Anything for Black People’ (Video)

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan chastised President Barack Obama for reprimanding black people about protecting his legacy.Farrakhan spoke with disdain in his voice about Obama’s self-serving speech at the Congressional Black Caucus gala, where Obama said his presidential “legacy” was in jeopardy if black people didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton.“I just want to tell you, Mr. President, you’re from Chicago, and so am I,” said Minister Farrakhan during a service at Union Temple Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. on Sunday.“I go out in the street with the people… I visited the worst neighborhoods… I talked to the gangs. They said, ‘you know, Farrakhan, the president ain’t never come… could you get him to come and look after us?’”Farrakhan added:“There’s your legacy, Mr. President… it’s in the streets with your suffering people, Mrs. President. And if you can’t go and see about them, then don’t worry about your legacy… ’cause the white people that you serve so well… they’ll preserve your legacy — the hell they will — but you din’t earn your legacy with us!“You didn’t earn your legacy with Black people. You fought for the rights of gay people… You fight for Israel… Your people are suffering and dying in the streets!”Watch the video below or click here to go directly to Farrakhan’s comments about Obama, which begins at the 1:55:40 mark. The video is 2 hours long.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016 Charlotte, NC turned into a mini war zone Tuesday night as 100 protesters rioted following the police shooting of an armed black male.False rumors ran wild on social media that the man was unarmed and disabled.According to ABC News, Charlotte police went to an apartment complex about 4 p.m. to serve a warrant. Police encountered a male inside a car who was armed with a handgun.The man — not the suspect they were looking for — got out of the car, displayed a weapon and then got back in the car. As officers approached the car with guns drawn, the man got out of the car again and displayed the gun.The officers deemed the man a credible threat and fired multiple rounds, striking the man.The man, identified as Keith Lamont Scott, 43, was taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.As usual, the George Soros-funded Black Lives Matter agitators on Twitter.com, called for protests before they even knew the details behind the shooting.A large crowd gathered at the scene and began demonstrating peacefully at first.“Some protesters were heard yelling “Black lives matter,” and “Hands up, don’t shoot!”Within the hour, local hoodlums joined the peaceful protests and destroyed police cars. The thugs pelted police with rocks and water bottles.One cop was struck in the face with a rock. 12 officers were reported injured in the melee.Video footage from a news helicopter shows hoodlums jumping on the hood of a police vehicle. A news van was also vandalized.Police in riot gear fired tear gas into the crowd to disperse the rioters.Officer Brentley Vinson, who fired the deadly shot, has been placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.


Cash Money signs Rising Star Trev Rich 


Of course everyone has been keeping up with the on going saga between Birdman and Lil Wayne, namely this week Wayne getting the support of Rap-A-Lot’s J.Prince but Birdman quietly just announced a deal with Apple Music and then signed rising star Trev Rich.Two weeks ago Trev was posting videos of him in the studio with Birdman and at CMR offices. It seems the hype has been sealed as Trev posted a video of him with a contract and his family and friends were cheering for him. There was also a heart-warming video of his mother flying from Texas to Colorado to surprise Trev with congratulations.We previously reported on Trev with his Green Lantern assisted single “Wait A Minute,” and recently when Mike Zombie surprised the Hot97 staff naming Trev as a collaborator Rosenburg went on to give him a cocky shout-out, predicting his social media to explode.

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Rich the Kid and A$AP Mob Get Into Brawl at Fashion Show


Rapper Rich the Kid and members of A$AP Mob got into an all out brawl at Alexander Wang’s Pier 94 fashion show.

Page Six says that members of Harlem rap collective A$AP Mob and Rich the Kid got into a fist fight backstage that had to be broken up by security.

The hight profile star studded event was supposed to announce a surprise collaboration between Alexander Wang and Adidas.

Guests included Zoe Kravitz, Madonna, Will.I.Am, Nicki Minaj and Jourdan Dunn with performances by Travis Scott, Fetty Wap, Post Malone and Desiigner.

Wiz Khalifa Checks Amber Rose for Threesome Admission


Last week Amber Rose admitted that she’d recently had her first threesome and didn’t like it. (see here) Then said she and would just call her baby daddy for sex from now on.

Wiz Khalifa was not pleased: Check out his rants on Twitter:







A Quick Preview of ‘All Eyez on Me’


Today director Benny Boom dropped a sneak peek of the highly anticipated Tupac Shakur biopic ‘All Eyez on Me’ on the 20th anniversary of Tupac’s death.

Check them out below:


Teaser Part 1! #riptupacshakur

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Teaser Part2!

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Amber Rose: “I Hated my First Threesome Experience”


Recently former stripper Amber Rose claimed to have experienced her very first threesome….and she hated it.

Amber admitted on her new podcast that she tried a threesome recently because she felt pressure to experience new things sexually.

However the experience was not as passionate as she expected and she would never do it again with a guy and another girl.

She is open to trying it again with two guys, however.


Was Bishop Eddie Long Hospitalized for a Grave Condition?


Disgraced Atlanta mega-church pastor Bishop Eddie Long shocked his followers with his recent gaunt appearance, which he explained away by claiming he was on a raw food diet

Obnoxious Blog is reporting that over the weekend Bishop Eddie Long had been admitted to the hospital in Atlanta and had only been given months to live.

Obnoxious claims a member of Eddie Long’s congregation confided in him and asked him to go easy on the pastor because he is suffering from stage 4 gastro-intestinal cancer.

Now the Bishop is coming clean with the reports:


Desiigner Arrested on Drug and Gun Charges (Video)


Hip Hop artist Desiigner arrested on gun and drug charges in New York…

According to TMZ, The G.O.O.D. Music artist was in a car that got into a screaming match with the driver of an SUV who claims the Panda rapper pulled a gun on him.

The SUV occupants wrote down Desiigner’s license plate number, reported the incident to police who pulled the rapper over and found a gun and a large quality of loose pills, including Oxycontin, in the center console of the vehicle.

Desiigner and the other 4 passengers in the car were arrested and booked on felony criminal possession of a controlled substance and felony criminal possession of drugs with intent to sell charges.

Desiigner was also hit with felony criminal possession of a loaded weapon and menacing charges for pointing the gun at the other driver.

All five are currently being held without bond. See the arrest video below: