Will Oprah Buy The LA Clippers?


Earlier we posted how many celebrities took to social media expressing thier interest in buying the LA Clippers from banned owner Donald Sterling. (see here) Well now media mogul Oprah Winfrey is seriously considering buying the team.


The race to buy the Los Angeles Clippers — assuming Donald Sterling is forced to sell — just gained its biggest name yet.

On Wednesday, Oprah Winfrey became the latest celebrity with deep pockets to throw her hat in the ring. According to ESPN.com, the TV superstar and a pair of well-known rich friends are interested in buying the Los Angeles Clippers should the team’s exiled owner be forced to sell.

“Oprah Winfrey is in discussions with David Geffen and Larry Ellison to make a bid for the Clippers should the team become available,” a spokesperson for Oprah told ESPN.com’s Arash Markazi.

According to another ESPN.com report, Oprah wants to buy the team, but does not want a role in the team’s front office:

“Oprah is not interested in running the team,” Geffen told (ESPN’s Jeremy) Schaap. “She thinks it would be a great thing for an important black American to own [another] franchise.

“The team deserves a better group of owners who want to win. Larry would sooner die than fail. I would sooner die than fail. Larry’s a sportsman. We’ve talked about this for a long time. Between the three of us, we have a good shot.”

Geffen, a billionaire media executive, has attempted to buy the Clippers before, reportedly offering $600 million to Sterling for a majority stake in 2010.  The creator of two record labels and the Dreamworks film studio has an estimated net worth of $6.2 billion, according to Forbes magazine. 

“I’m a fan. I bring something to the table, it’s fun and I can afford it,” Geffen told ESPN. “I live in L.A., that’s one thing that makes it attractive.”

Ellison, the co-founder of Oracle and third-wealthiest man in America according to Forbes, has been trying to buy an NBA team for years, expressing interest in the past in Grizzlies, Warriors and Hornets.

On Tuesday, Oprah spoke to TMZ and addressed the Sterling situation, condemning the Clippers owner and exclimating “the planation days are over.” She denied interest in purchasing the team at the time, but said she loved the idea of Magic Johnson owning the franchise.


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The Game & T.I. & in Heated Standoff With Police Outside L.A. Club (Video)



Rap stars T.I. and The Game got into an intense standoff with gun-wielding LAPD early Wednesday after they mistakenly believed cops beat up their friends outside a popular nightclub. In video posted by TMZ, the rappers and several friends are seen confronting police officers after leaving the Supperclub and finding other acquaintances bearing injuries from an earlier altercation.

“Is this a crime scene?” T.I. can be heard saying. “Y’all got a lot of people to beat up. We got good lawyers!”

T.I. is also clearly heard gesturing and telling The Game and others to keep their distance from the police.

Angry voices are raised during several points in the tense exchange, and eventually you can hear someone yelling “Yo the police didn’t do it… security did!” At which point T.I. and The Game turn to seek out the attackers.

As they soon find out — and you can watch the footage below — moments earlier at least two men described as “mutual acquaintances” of the rappers were denied entry into the club for unclear reasons, and ended up being pummeled by several members of security.

Early on in the fight, a man can be seen laying face-down on the ground while a member of security kicks him repeatedly. Later several guards struggle to restrain a man while pedestrians mill about and police sirens swirl in the background. “He goes to jail tonight!” a member of security shouts. Eventually the police arrive and take over.

According to TMZ, the two men were taken to LAPD’s Hollywood division but no charges were filed and they were released.

T.I. and The Game have not commented on the rowdy night.



Glenn Beck Says Hillary Clinton Would ‘Sleep with a Woman ‘on the White House Desk’



Glenn Beck doesn’t hold back with his disdain for possible presidential 2016 candidate Hillary Clinton. He went on a rant talking about Hillary would ‘do’ a woman in The White House!


Conservative radio host Glenn Beck predicted that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would have sex with a lesbian “on the White House desk” if public opinion called for it during his show Tuesday.

The comments, first noted by Right Wing Watch, came as Beck riffed with his co-hosts on the issue of marriage equality, mocking Clinton for officially announcing her support for the cause in 2013 after years of opposition. The banter included more than a couple thinly veiled accusations questioning Clinton’s sexuality.


After his colleague said she “came out” in favor same-sex marriage last year, Beck quipped back, “What I heard you just say is Hillary came out last year?”

“I’m telling you,” Beck continued. “Hillary Clinton will be having sex with a woman on the White House desk if it becomes popular. She’ll be just like, she will be, she’ll be like ‘Look, the arc of history wasn’t ready for a president to be a lesbian and have sex on the desk.‘ “

This is far from Beck’s first swipe at Clinton. Back in 2007 he predicted she could never be elected president because of her voice, calling her a “stereotypical b****.”

The conservative pundit has made sexist jokes about other female politicians in the past as well. In 2012 he rejected the idea of sharing a presidential ticket with former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin if he would have to occupy the VP slot.

“A Palin-Beck ticket I’m absolutely ruling out,” he said, adding he’d consider a “Beck-Palin ticket.”

“Can you imagine what a, what an administration with the two of us would be like?” he continued. “She’d be yapping or something and I’d say ‘I’m sorry. Why am I hearing your voice? I’m not in the kitchen.‘ “

Country Star Willie Nelson 81, Earns 5th Degree Black Belt

Willie Nelson

This just goes to show you that no matter what age, you can still kick a little ass…

You may know him as a country music star but you may not know he’s been practicing Korean martial arts for 20 years.


Willie Nelson is always on our minds, but especially this week, because he’s celebrating his 81st birthday. And also because on Monday, the legendary singer received his fifth-degree black belt in GongKwon Yusul, a martial art which he’s been practicing for 20 years.

“It’s just good for you physically. For your lungs. The more you’re breathing, exercising, the better you’re going to feel,” Nelson told Austin’s KVUE.

Shortly before the ceremony, the singer told the Associated Press that he was surprised to be receiving the degree at all. “I don’t know what else is out there,” he said. “I never thought about anything beyond second-degree black belt.”

Though Nelson is best known for his music (and for his prolific pot habit), it’s a bit lesser known that he’s very into martial arts too.

“I think martial arts is one of the best exercises you can do. Mentally, spiritually, physically, everything,” he told the AP

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Is Rick Ross and Puff Daddy Looking to Invest in The LA Clippers?


After the banning of LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling yesterday (see here) Twitter exploded with tweets from celebrities voicing the satisfaction with the decision handed down by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver. Two celebs in particular expressed a possible interest in investing in the beleaguered   team: Puff Daddy and Rick Ross!


Lap Dancing Teacher Fired for Dancing in Class with 15 Year Old Student


Oh damn, remember that 42 year old teacher that gave her 15   year old student a lap dance and got suspended? (see here) Well, now she’s in deep s**t now….

Criminal charges have been filed against Felicia Smith, a 42-year-old Middle School teacher who said students egged her on, and convinced her to perform a Lap Dance on camera for one of her male students. Smith, 42, was a teacher at Stovall Middle school in the Houston area. She has now been charged with having an improper relationship with a student.


LA Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Banned from the NBA for Life


I have to give it to newly appointed NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, he didn’t play around, or waste any time rendering his decision on racist LA Clipper owner Donald Sterling this afternoon. The hammer came down hard for the comments Donald Sterling made about not wanting African Americans at his basketball games; a lifetime ban from the NBA, and he must pay a 2.5 Million dollar fine!


NBA Commissioner Adam Silver announced a lifetime ban from the NBA for the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers after he was recorded making a series of racist comments that sparked a controversy that transcended the sports world. Silver, in his first season as league commissioner, apologized on behalf of the NBA for the offensive comments made by Sterling. He also revealed his intent to force Sterling to eventually sell the franchise.

“Effective immediately, I am banning Mr. Sterling for life from any association with the Clippers organization or the NBA,” Silver said during a press conference in New York on Tuesday afternoon. “Mr. Sterling may not attend any NBA games or practices. He may not be present at any Clippers facility. He may not participate in any business or player personnel decisions.”

The longtime owner of the Clippers was caught making racist comments in audio recordings obtained by TMZ and Deadspin. In the recorded conversations, Sterling could be heard telling a woman, V. Stiviano, not to bring black friends to Clippers game or to post photos of herself with black people, including NBA legend Magic Johnson, on her Instagram account. The first recording was released over the weekend and Silver promised on Saturday that the NBA would “move extraordinarily quickly” in investigating the comments.

On Tuesday, Silver announced the following sanctions for Sterling:

  • Sterling is banned for life from the NBA.

  • Sterling will pay a fine of $2.5 million.

  • Silver will attempt to force Sterling to sell the Clippers.