FM WorldWide’s Interview with Karina Nistal on Podcast


FM Worldwide on Rhythm Rave Radio’s exclusive interview with singer/songwriter Karina Nistal! LA’s music scene couldn’t be any hotter when this talented and diverse artist steps on the scene, and WRRR talks to her LIVE . Her extensive range, which consists jazz vocals on down tempo tracks, Spanish Hip Hop and reggaeton, Karina shares her passion and her music with her fans right here old and new, and we’re sure you don’t want to miss it! Featuring her hot singles ‘Rumors’ and ‘Like In Paradise’ ft Sand B and more!


What is REALLY behind the term ‘Trans-Racial’, and How Does Rachel Dolezal fit into this? New FM Worldwide @ 7 PM MST!


Is changing your racial identity as easy as putting on a new pair shoes? Where is the fine line in crossing over or getting over?What is REALLY behind the term ‘Trans-Racial’, and How Does Rachel Dolezal fit into this? Funk and Modesty discusses this new phenomenon of becoming ‘Trans-racial’. Plus, let off your weekly steam with Rhythm Rave Rants! Featuring new independent artist’s music and more on the next FM World Wide @ 7 PM MST! Tune in here


FM World Wide’s Interview with Mickey Bentson on Rhythm Rave Radio on Podcast


Funk and Modesty interviews the president and owner of Pay Up Management and the manager of the legendary Ice T: Mickey Bentson! As the associate producer for the documentary ‘Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap’ as he discusses the differences between rap & hip hop, and being the co-founder of the Zulu Nation, he educates the new generation of hip hop!

Originally aired 6/10/15