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Detroit Man Is Not the Father, but Court Says He Owes $30,000 in Child Support



Carnell Alexander didn’t father a child. The child’s mother and a paternity test both indicate that he isn’t the child’s father, yet a court is still demanding that Alexander pay some $30,000 in back child support.  


A Detroit man is facing a choice given him by the state of Michigan. The first option is to pay $30,000 in back child support for a child that is not his. His second option? Go to prison.

But wait, it gets worse. Everything and everyone involved in this story—including a paternity test, the child’s mother and the court that has given Carnell Alexander the two options—recognize that the baby isn’t his.

“I feel like I’m standing in front of a brick wall with nowhere to go,” Alexander told Detroit news station WXYZ.

Alexander told the news station that he learned about a paternity case against him in the early ’90s after a police officer called him a deadbeat dad during a traffic stop. The officer also informed him that there was a warrant out for his arrest for unpaid child support.

“I knew I didn’t have a child, so I was kind of blown back,” Alexander told the news station.

Alexander has been fighting since then to clear his name, with little success. Here is how the story unfolds: The state claims that in 1987 Alexander fathered a baby. The state also claims that it sent several notices to an address on file and that Alexander ignored those notices. Alexander says that he never got the notices because they were sent to an address where he no longer lived. When he heard about the child, he went to court.

“And when you were telling them in court—’That it was not my child’—they told me it was too late to get a DNA TEST,” Alexander told the news station.

At the time, Alexander didn’t know the location of the woman who claimed he was the father of the child, and with only sporadic work, lacking a full-time job, he had no money.

He eventually ran into a friend who knew where the woman was, and they got a DNA TEST. The test proved that Alexander had a 0.00 percent probability of being the child’s father. According to the woman, the child’s actual father was also in the child’s life.

Story should end here, right?


Alexander took all this information to the court, but the judge was unfazed.

“Case closed. I gotta pay for the baby,” Alexander told WXYZ.

According to news station, the court hinged its decision on a summons that was reportedly delivered to Alexander’s father’s house informing him about the paternity case. The process server for the court turned in a document claiming that Alexander was served a summons but refused to sign it.

“I wasn’t there. I couldn’t refuse to sign,” Alexander told the news station.

WXYZ investigated Alexander’s claims and found that on the day the server claimed he signed the document, Alexander was a guest of the Michigan Department of Corrections, serving time for a crime he committed as a young man.

So how did all this happen?

Well, years ago, the woman, Alexander’s ex, had a baby. She didn’t know who the father was, but she knew she needed help caring for the child. A caseworker told her that she had to name the father when she filed papers seeking government assistance.

“That was the only way I could get assistance,” the woman, who didn’t want to give her name, told the news station. She said she had no idea that the state would go after Alexander FOR CHILD SUPPORT.

“Everything is my fault that I put him through,” she said.

She even asked to court to forgive his debt, and it did, but only the portion that was to be awarded to her. Alexander still owes around $30,000, according to WXYZ.

Alexander is refusing to pay and is being threatened with jail time.

“We know this is not my child, so let’s do what we need to do, what’s right,” said Alexander.


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Derrick CEO hosts a new edition of The Lions Den Talk Radio with new news topics about the GA woman who tried to cash a $94 million tax refund check, Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose’s celebrity divorce, and star of Starz’s ‘Power’ Omari Hardwick is dealing with the recent backlash on social media about his Caucasian wife. with his wife. Plus more music with your favorite artists Jeremih, Skysoo and Torae, Foreign Exchange, Top Flite, &  DJ Quik! Tune in @ 10 AM & 8 PM MST (10/22/2014)

Watch: Student Charged With Assault and Teacher on Leave After Fight Caught on Tape

Baltimore City teacher has been placed on administrative leave, and a female student has been charged with assault, after a classroom incident involving a cellphone turned violent and the bulk of it was caught on tape.

The fight began at Carver Vocational High School in West Baltimore on Friday after the teacher asked the 17-year-old senior to leave because she was talking on her cellphone in class. In the video the student can be seen leaving the class and pushing a chair in the direction of the teacher. The student also throws something across the teacher’s desk in the teacher’s direction.

Outside the classroom, the student throws a notebook at the teacher and the teacher can be seen charging the student. A male student attempts to break it up, but the teacher can be heard on tape yelling, “I’ll kill you up in here [expletive]; what the [expletive] you think this is,” she says.

“You’re supposed to be a role model to these children, and you took your shoes off and physically was fighting her like you was outside on the street,” Nikia Jones, the student’s aunt, told Fox 45. The student’s family told the news station that they had seen the video and admitted that she may have thrown the book at the teacher, but noted that the teacher was the adult in the situation and didn’t behave accordingly


5 Hip-Hop Trends That Need to End


no-excuses has come up with a list of disturbing trends in rap that need to be addressed. If they go unchecked, these self-destructive tendencies will continue to harm a culture that has helped so many. And that is the last thing that anybody wants, especially those people (myself included) who are proof positive that Hip-Hop can change lives for the better.



5). Self-Declared Classics: Rap is very competitive, and so confidence is essential.  Yet, to declare your own work a classic, that’s presumptuous even by Hip-Hop standards.  It not only gives a project lofty expectations, but also seemingly restricts the artists who put that status on their own work.  Because after you reach the top, or put yourself there, there’s only one way to go.  And especially for new rappers who do that, it could potentially stall a career just as its getting started because the song or album becomes bigger than the artist (or the project flops).  The people are who ultimately determine the affect of an artist’s work, and while Hip-Hop legends do have some material that’s widely regarded as “classic” under their belts, it’s the entire body of work that have made them iconic.  Not just a single release.  There’s another name for that and it’s “one-hit wonder.”

4). Biting: Biting rhymes in Hip-Hop isn’t anything new, but, nonetheless, it is still something that’s  been going on a long time and is counterproductive to the authenticity that Hip-Hop prides itself on.  And while in a few cases it’s perceived as paying homage, like with Jay Z’s “What More Can I Say”: I’m not a biter, I’m a writer / For myself, and others / I say a B.I.G. verse, I’m only bigging up my brother.  In many others, it’s seen as nothing more than theft and artistic laze.  Fortunately, with the issue of recycling rhymes recently brought up via Drake using Rappin’ 4-Tay’s lyrics and then reportedly paying him $100,000, biters are now being held accountable for being “overly” inspired by others.  Hopefully, this is a sign of things to come if rappers continue to steal from each other.  Or, best case scenario, they just stop doing it.

3). Calling Yourself God: Similar to biting, Hip-Hop’s references to religion have been around for a long time.  And expressing one’s faith or belief in a higher power through Hip-Hop is great (e.g. Rakim’s references to the Five Percent Nation and its ideology, Kanye West’s “Jesus Walks” record,   Malice becoming No Malice, etc.).  But, in some instances, rappers referring to themselves as God with no context other than to be provocative or to brag does nothing more that put forth an affront to many people’s deeply-held beliefs and /or make an emcee look really stupid.  A few cases in point – Lil B on “Look Like Jesus” (I’m God / I look like Jesus / And I’m coming with that motherf***ing heater) and A$AP Ferg on A$AP Mob’s “Persian Wine (Young Trap Lord, might die on a cross / Gold link chain swing down to my balls).  Considering many  people regard Jesus as a peaceful savior and that lots of religious organizations have its members take a vow of poverty, those two lyrics are not only potentially very offensive, but also make no sense at all.

2). Face Tattoos: To be fair, a “bad” tattoo is subjective, and so what some might perceive that way could be viewed as “good” by others and/or it has the ability to be covered up.  But based on what has been seen, there are definitely questionable choices that have been made by a number of rappers – especially the ones who get ink on their face.  And while it is true that someone like Game will probably never have to go to a job interview, the tattoo on his face that has changed three-times might limit his chances for business deals.  And I want to be clear: I’m in no way singling Game out, but using those artwork choices as an example of how if Hip-Hop expects to produce moguls beyond just entertainment, rappers who are face tattoo recipients might want to consider getting them removed before entering an environment that could have people in it who have never even heard a rap record.

 1). “Culture Vultures”: Recently, Hip-Hop has been receiving a lot of attention from people within it accusing the powers that be of trying to exploit rap and disconnect it from its essence as well as glorify ignorance.  From Damon Dash criticizing Lyor Cohen to Chuck D having a war of words with Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg to Wes Jackson calling out MTV for their coverage of the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival, it is clear that Hip-Hop is at a crossroads.  Perhaps, now more than ever, it is important for rap, its trail blazers, and its power to be recognized so that its history doesn’t get distorted.  Everyone, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, age, socioeconomic status, etc., has a place in Hip-Hop!  But if there is no balance and credit isn’t given where it’s due, it puts the integrity of it all in jeopardy and that is unacceptable.




Cormega Questions Why LL Cool J, Public Enemy & Slick Rick Are Not Part Of Def Jam 30 Concert



Def Jam is celebrating its 30 year anniversary with a star-studded concert featuring many of the artists that were signed to the iconic Hip Hop label. While acts like Rick Ross, DMX, and Method Man are set to hit the stage tonight at Brooklyn’s Barclay Center, some of the legends that helped build the company were not included on the bill. Former Def Jam rapper Cormega wonders why some of the greats were left out.