K. Michelle and Tamar Braxton Kiss and Makeup at BET Awards (Video)


After a well publicized beef on social media for some time now, superstar divas Tamar Braxton and K. Michelle has decided to bury the hatchet and performed together at the recent BET Awards show.


The Boombox reports that before they sang their duet, K. Michelle hit the stage first and proceeded to kick a rap before performing her latest hit, “Miss You, Goodbye.” Initially sporting a skirt, she disrobed to showcase a risque two-piece and wowed the crowd with her vocal ability.

“This is actually the first time we’ll be meeting each other,” Tamar said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. “I’m just really excited. I’m about girls sticking up for each other and being there for each other. It’s just time for all the nonsense to stop. Let’s just empower each other and be great.”

K. Michelle has also been in a peaceful mood as of late, making nice with VH1 reality TV star Draya just last week and seems to be pushing for more unity as well.

Tamar then gets her share of a solo show, choosing to perform her song “If I Don’t Have You.” The singer donned a silky gold number and matching fur. One thing that couldn’t go unnoticed was Tamar’s eyelashes (perhaps fake?), which seemed to be bothering her during the performance.

At the tail-end of her set, Tamar apologized to K. Michelle in the name of unity before the two burst into a duet of  Patti LaBelle‘s “If Only You Knew.” In the middle of the performance, the crowd received a big surprise when LaBelle herself joined them.

In a sign of solidarity, both Tamar and K. Michelle embraced at the end of the performance, marking an end to their bitter rivalry.

See the video below:



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