Tip of the day 6/26/15: Learn to control your mind and emotions

Tip of the day banner 2

If you can’t control your mind and emotions you will never make it in any career you set for your self.  If you let other people control how you think and feel you will never be happy or successful.  You should never allow someone else to influence your thoughts and emotions.  The human mind has been described as a stream of consciousness; you are the only person that should be able control that stream.  Try to never use the words, “they made me mad or they made me think that.”  They are not in control!!!!  In a world where we have little control, these 2 things are the only things that we can have 100% total control over but we give it away so freely.  If you are sitting around thinking about what someone did or didn’t do and now you’re upset about it, they are controlling your thoughts and emotions not you.  While there are several things you can do to rid your mind and emotion of negativity below are a few suggestions.

  • Meditation

  • Prayer

  • Exercise

  • Relaxation

  • Listen to music

  • Forgive


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