Tip of the day 6/23: 10 tips to prevent your songs sounding the same

Tip of the day banner 2


To prevent each song from sounding just like the last song you did isn’t an easy task.  There are several ways you can approach creating music, here are a few.  

  1. If you write the lyrics first, try to create the music first.

  2. If you love the piano don’t use it on your next song, and remember chording isn’t the only way to play a piano.

  3. Think about changing the formal design of the song.  Each song has a few of the following: a melody, verses, chorus and a bridge.  If you always open up with the melody try opening up with an a cappella bridge.

  4. Challenge your self on the message you write about, get out of your comfort zone.

  5. Do the opposite of what your used to, ie create a ballet if you usually create dance music.

  6. A gangsta rapper can try rapping about something more conscience.

  7. Network with other song writers and producers,

  8. Take a break from writing to clear your thoughts to stay inspired.

  9. Listen to other people’s music that inspires you.

  10. Always have a thesaurus and a rhyming dictionary to prevent redundancy when writing.


You will be surprised how approaching the creative process a little different will go a long way.





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