Diddy Plans to Sue FOX TV’s ‘Empire’ Claiming It’s Based on His Life


So after Puff’s little skirmish with Lee Daniels about having his son and music appear on the hit FOX TV show (see here), now the Bad Boy CEO is planning to sue Daniels & FOX for, what he claims, is his life story.

“It’s basically my life except the ALS stuff. All the homosexuality and everything that’s pretty much been done too. They might as well have called it Breaking Bad Boy,” said Combs.

Diddy further stated, “They basically are detailing everything I had to go through: the shootouts, working with Timbaland, and divas going to prison. I mean, all of it. I think they might owe me some royalties. You can’t just put out the Sean Combs Biography without paying me and I’m filing a million dollar lawsuit.”




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