New Release Night on FM on the Night Shift with The Real Young Kano & Frank Hustle @ 9 PM MST!



It’s new release night on FM on the Night Shift on WRRR! The Louisville Hip Hop hitta’, The Real Young Kano drops his single ‘Temptation’ on the listeners and what’s the scoop on his new EP coming soon, ‘Reality Check’! The one and only Frank Hustle has a new release coming this June 10th ‘I’m Wat It Do’ ! Frank gives Modesty & Funk the low on what it took to get his new music to the fans. plus new music by Gem’n’ah Mewzik ,U.T.I.C.A., Kevin Gates, G Unit, King Yahdi , Project Preatorian, KeKe Wyatt, Shenna, Golde London, and more! celebrity Bulls#@!* tackesl TLC vs Rihanna concerning her ‘nude’ dress’ World Weird News, and we discuss the upcoming event “The International Rocky Mountain Funk Out!” with Mario Lopez, a Cedric Pride promotion!

Tune in @ 9 PM MST!


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