Tyga and Blac Chyna Puts Domestic Violence Rumors to Rest


Tyga has denied rumors that he is abusive towards girlfriend Black Chyna. Rumors have been floating around for months that Tyga put his hands on Chyna after she confronted him about cheating. Yesterday (February 24th), Bossip reported that they received a photo from someone who is close to Blac Chyna who is tired of seeing her getting abused. The source said that the two get into “knock-down-drag-out fights” often and the most recent one was in Miami before All Star Weekend.

Chyna took to Twitter to deny the rumors, saying, “I was not rushed to the hospital nothing is wrong with my (butt) !! Also I didn’t get into a fight with

Tyga stop the RUMORS and lies !!!!!!” Tyga then wrote, “There’s people in life that help u & people that pray on your downfall. The devil can only get to u thru people. Eliminate yourself from those people.You eliminate yourself from the devil. #KeepGodFirst #ThankYouGodAlways.”



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