Robert Townsend Says The Five Heartbeats Sequel Is In The Works


Man it’s been over 20 years since Robert Townsend’s The Five Heartbeats first debuted in 1991, and now there has been confirmation on a sequel!


Long before the days of LustacyNew Edition or Jodeci, there were The Five Heartbeats. Duck, Eddie, J.T., Choir Boy and Dresser stole our hearts in the musical drama as the quintessential vocal group of the ’60s and lucky for us, they’re back.

While promoting Bill Cosby‘s television special Far From FinishedRobert Townsend confirmed the news that he is preparing a second installment to the classic ’90s film.

“I am working on a sequel,” he said. “Next year I’ll be making an announcement.”

The original film featured Townsend, Michael Wright, Leon, Tico Wells and Harry Lennix in the story loosely based on The Temptations, among other musical acts. It remains to be seen how Townsend will spin the plot and who will star in the sequel.


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