Big Boi’s Wife Reportedly Finds Naked Pics of Andre 3000 on His Cellphone


Wow, talk about being an ‘Outkast’. A month ago, Big Boi was revealed to be going through a divorce and today was the first deposition. During the deposition, Big Boi’s separated wife, Sherlita Patton, told jurors that people wondering where Andre 3000 is should check Big Boi’s phone because he’s on there nude. Her sister made remarks about Andre 3000 as well.


Big Boi’s wife reveals she found naked photos of Andre 3000 in his phone, tells fans to expect an Outkast porno before an album. the life of a rapper means there are going to be rumors thrown out about them. Usually, these rumors center around rappers being involved in homosexual activity. Seeing how macho most rappers portray themselves, this is the worst thing they can be called, but it has happened a lot of Andre 3000

Because of his unique style and his affinity for fashion, Andre 3000 always dealt with the gay rumors. Big Boi, on the other hand, had a relatively popular street following because of his style of music


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