Former TLC Member Disappointed in Portrayal in Bio Pic on VH1

TLC, Crystal Jones

Crystal, the original member of TLc, who was dismissed  before being replaced by Chili, was very upset by her portrayal in VH1’s bio pic ‘ CrazySexyCool’.

According to; Crystal expressed her displeasure saying:

“I was very disappointed, very disappointed,” she told Atlanta’s V-103 radio station. “The way they portrayed me was very inaccurate and it brought up a lot of memories that I kind of put to rest. To relive it again just didn’t sit well with me.”

In the film, Crystal’s involvement with the group was reduced to about 10 minutes. She’s seen practically discovering T-Boz and Left Eye and then introducing them to Pebbles, who later decides she doesn’t have the vocal skills to join the group.

“Absolutely not,” Crystal said about the way the story is told in the movie.

“If I sing that bad then why would you offer me a contract?” she asked, offering a different version of how things went down.

“As far as what happened, it was based on a contract. We got to the lawyer’s office. It was myself, Tionne [T-Boz] and Lisa [Left Eye] sitting there. Keep in mind we’re 18, 19 years old. I’m sitting there and we’re going through the paperwork and it’s lengthy and I didn’t understand anything, so I didn’t sign it.”

Crystal said she wanted her mother to review the contract before making a decision about it, but the powers that be wouldn’t have it.

Though that move may have cost her a spot with one of the most successful girl groups of all time, Crystal said she’s moved passed it.

“I’ve grown. I’ve matured, so I’m fine with everything now. I’ve kind of gotten over all the hurt a long time ago. Everything happens for a reason. Apparently, it wasn’t meant for me,”


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