Beats by Dre: Michel’le’ Reveals How Dr Dre Broke Her Nose on ‘R&B Divas LA’

R&B diva Michel’le revealed last night that one of her babies father’s was physically abusive to her and once broke her nose. On the reunion show for TV One’s ‘R&B Divas LA’ last night, host Wendy Williams asked Michel’le why she had what appeared to have plastic surgery on her nose. That’s when she said that one of her babies fathers had done the deed. After Wendy pressed more on who it was, Michel’le admitted that it wasn’t a secret that it was Dr. Dre.

“I stayed because my father had never told me until the last three years so I think I had to go back and figure that out.  Getting beat was love to me,” she said. “I did five videos and we had to cover three black eyes. It seemed like the day before a video I got a black eye and we had to cover it. But it was OK and I truly thought he loved me. I didn’t take it as anything bad.”


Michel’le then explained how that experience left her with scars regarding love:


When I got with Suge, he really didn’t beat me and I asked him, ‘Why aren’t you beating me? Do you not like me?’

 Suge Knight actually helped her realize she didn’t deserve to be beaten.

“I finally realized that wasn’t good.  Believe it or not, the person who made me see that was Suge,” she said. “He tried to do that one time to me but I fought back.”


Click here for the video of Michel’le discussing the incident to Wendy Williams


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