Rihanna Thinks Her Butt’s Too Small

In an age where having butt implants are the sure thing, superstar Rihanna thinks that she may be a candidate for a bigger butt:

According to Gossipjacker

RIHANNA is worried her booty is too dainty!
The singer is so concerned about her prized asset losing a few pounds during her gruelling world tour that she is trying to bulk it up again, according to a report from Britain’s Mail on Sunday.
“Rihanna is now back in Bardados and enjoying delicious rich foods including rice and peas, curries, fried plantain and dumplings,” a source said.
“She hopes she sees a difference soon.”
The 25-year-old star has been sharing the fruits of her success with her fellow Barbadians during the non-stop street party Crop Over Festival Foreday Morning Jam.
“She bought rounds of rum punch and beer for festival-goers, as well as spraying them with $1000-a-pop bottles of gold Armand de Brignac champagne from her float,” said the mole.
“She was really letting her hair down and just wanted to show all her fans a good time.”


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